“After a blessed meditation retreat, healing, and cheering up the art of being ourselves, letting go old patterns, attachments, judgments and fears, I am ready for all the new beginnings. Lu is the best healer and coach! I am grateful to be working with her. I highly recommend the sessions+products+workshops. It will change your life and will bring joy, gratitude and love to the upcoming year”  Mabyani Dutra, NYC




I really enjoyed the workshop. During the quiet meditation and Sound Therapy it felt light at first and then felt I was in a deep trance, almost asleep but still very alert. Going over the assignments were very emotional. It was a wonderful exercise that brought more intention towards resolving the anxieties that I felt. Creating my mantras has already shown me how I can improve my meditation practice. It gives me an extra charge especially reciting these in my morning meditation. The active meditation profoundly released a lot of anger that was built up inside me. The dancing was pure elation and I could have danced all day! I really lived the retreat and hope to be part of more similar programs that you will offer!  Michelle Mekos, Ithaca-NY

“I have suffered from insomnia and anxiety for years and I always look for new products and techniques. I did the Workshop with Lu Camy and also bought the insomnia kit. I loved it! In the Workshop I learned meditation and relaxation techniques that I have been practicing every day. I’m much better! Self-love and mindfulness are so important in our day-to-day lives. It should be practiced every day. I highly recommend the workshop and the products” Andreia Samson, New York City, NY.

“Lu, It was wonderful meeting with you recently. Thank you for being so generous with your time. I felt some heavy things lift from my heart trough sharing with you and your therapeutic, supportive energy and insight. I find your herbal sprays helping too. When I choose to raise my awareness up from this present moment, I am looking forward to our next session” Michael, Ithaca,NY.

“Lu Camy is a great healer, she knows how to connect with people, she can easily understand her  client´s issues. She is very passionate about what she does, which helps us even better. Lu uses powerful techniques, I was amazed about Tibetan Sound Healing. She is willing to help us in every possible way. I highly recommend her work”

Farah Diba Abrantes Braga- Ithaca-NY

“Working with Luciana has been transformative. Her sprays ground experience of the self in the body and in the present. She takes time to truly get to know her patients and then treats the whole person by first using her highly personalized preparations of herbs and flowers” Felix Teitelbaum- Ithaca NYC

“ I came to give my review on Lu Camy. I am 57 years old and have been suffering from pain on my body since 1994. When I began to feel pain throughout my body, I began a routine to seek a specialist every week, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1997. I never took a remedy that I would relieve the pain, but I was not sure what to do. I had never been curious about alternative therapies. My fibromyalgia is so intense that sometimes I could not take a sweater. Luciana made the first formula, it was good, but it did not help much, finally she made one with more than 20 herbs and mixed oils that practically cured me. She did not give up on me at any moment with my pain, regrets and depression. Today I believe in holistic treatment. My case was not a case of headache or back strain. I used to take more than 12 pills a day for the pain. Today I am beginning a new life, a life without pain, full of plans and hopes, things that I did not have anymore. After this treatment I am recovering the will to live”

Celina Meccluskey, New York City, NY 

“I was in Lu Camy’s meditation on Sunday in Central Park and I just loved it. Lu is a person full of positive energy and her meditation techniques are wonderful, mainly because it is accompanied by her powerful aromas. Being present in the meditation with Lu was a moment of relaxation, relief from the stress we carry from daily routine and also a moment of reflection about ourselves. If you have never participated, go on the next, you will understand what I am saying. Thank you Lu, thank you !!! You are as powerful as your essences”

Claudia Savoy Leroy- New York City, NY

“Two weeks ago I had a session with Lu Camy and was very impressed. I already knew some Lu products and already recommended with closed eyes, especially the rosemary spray . But the session was really beyond what I expected. Lu was super serious and committed not to remedy the thing superficially and to prescribe a product to cover the hole in anxiety moments. It was directed to look for the roots of the problem. I’m very excited to start using my custom products. Thank you, Lu”

Nara Roberta Silva- New York City, NY