Private Sessions/Online groups




What can you experience during the sessions

 Connect with your life’s purpose

 Increase harmony in relationships

 Expand your creative self-expression

 Release fears and emotional blockages

 Build a work path aligned with your inspired self

With the aromatic medicine of Flor do Mato as additional part of the sessions clients can release uncomfortable symptoms such as:




   Physical pain

    Lack of energy

     Transformational coaching sessions-  Online

One hour Transformational coaching session: $115

Two hour Transformational coaching session: $210

3 sessions- online package: $ 300

5 sessions- online package: $ 450


Private session in Ithaca

Well-being healing center  

317 N Aurora Street, suite 101

Private Transformational coaching session: $95

Reiki session: $65


   Heart opening journey 

“I have been guiding clients to experience the awakening of their self-love. Women that suffered from abuse and had difficulties to find a partner now can share the same values with their loved companions. They feel powerful and creative to be who they are. When we honor ourselves and release the old fears, we can expect love to grow”. Luciana

This is a process of awakening and opening the heart center. Wherever you are right now, single or committed, the journey can deepen your relationships and increase harmony to your relations. When we experience traumas we can feel blocked to create healthy relationships and become closed to new possibilities. Sometimes our mechanism is to scape from commitment or please others in order to receive love.

We work on how to start living from love instead of living from fear. This gentle journey will bring acceptance and joy for body and mind. Here what you can experience during the offering:

-Increase openness.

-Release past traumas and old behaviors.

-Decrease overthinking

– Connect with the sacred body.

-Activate the main Chakras (energy centers of the body).

-Develop acceptance and forgiveness.

-Improve relationships.

– Learn breathing techniques that increase the energy flow of the body

-Experience healing trough aromatic medicine.


Deepening your life’s purpose Journey

“I  lead my clients to access their inner calling and transform their lives into a new life.  I have been guiding business owners, entrepreneurs and artists to believe in their creative expression and awaken their real purpose. Self-realization happens when we live from love and not from fear. Love bring us freedom. From love we can share our unique talents with the world.  Success and fulfillment are inevitable.” Luciana

This is a journey that will awaken your real self, release the liming beliefs that are holding you back and bring great transformation in all areas.  It is recommended for those who are in the process of career change, creating a new business or willing to express the callingof their soul. It takes great courage.

The journey leads to self-realization and consciousness shifting. In the sessions I combine coaching, energy healing and aromatic flowers. The holistic approach help you to feel grounded and empowered.  Here what can you experience:

-Identify the limiting beliefs and increase awareness of the mind

-Find balance between inner and outer purpose.

-Release emotional blockages and old behaviors.

-Access inner clarity and personal power.

-Express your creative being

-Manifest your life’s purpose.


 Flor do Mato

Ithaca, NY

By appointment only.

The process is not a substitute for medical care and doesn’t aim to treat mental disorders. It´s not related to any kind of religion, instead drawing on ancient knowledge and traditional healing practices.