Live authentically 



Align body, mind and spirit.

The Blossoming sessions increase personal power and awareness.  It leads you to connect deeply with your life’s purpose and  create an authentic life. 

The sessions guide you to release limiting beliefs and emotional blockages by accessing your higher self. 

My work is based on some universal principles, alternative therapies, coaching techniques and spiritual teachings. The process will raise the flow of love and abundance into your life.

The Transformational journeys :  

 Manifest self-realization and inner peace 

Connect with your life’s purpose

Release behaviors that are holding you back

Increase inner peace and clarity of mind

Improve relationships

Create a life plan that is aligned with your inspired self

Access your creative expression


                              Access your inspired self and start living the life you want


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Flor do Mato Special

Self-Transformation Journey — 5 day retreat in Tulum, México

Check: www.bookretreats.com


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     Check the program and prices here: https://flordomato.bio/retreats-workshops/


 Blossoming Sessions in NYC


Private sessions-  August 4th and 5th. 

Saturday 10 am – 6 pm. Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

Location: Awakening Healing Center in Brooklyn 

Book in advance

Blossoming sessions lead people to manifest their own uniqueness. The holistic approach combine traditional healing and coaching, promoting the alignment of body, mind and spirit.  It contributes to the path of self-realization by increasing clarity of mind, personal power and awareness. Reiki, Sound healing and Transformational coaching.

1 hour session – $115 \ 2 hour session – $ 210 

Promotional price for new clients – $ 95 + 1 aroma-therapeutic product

To book your session send full amount and time request trough:

Venmo: Lu Camy

PayPal: flordomato.infinity@gmail.com

Location: Awakening healing center

605 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn

Cancellation policy: Please notify 24 hours before.

Contact: flordomato.infinity@gmail.com